Joel Boyd is a 20-something year old human being, which of course means one thing... He knows absolutely nothing about life.

Yet, he has figured out a few things. He figured out early on that people would cease their desires to bully him if he could make them giggle. Thus, a career in comedy was born. 

Beginning his comedic roots in the sexiest city of all time—Milwaukee, Wisconsin—Joel found himself wanting new challenges in the second sexiest city of all time—Chicago, Illinois. And now he's in the close 3rd... Los Angeles.  He's found success so far with...

  • Writing for Drop The Mic on TBS (Coming Fall '17)
  • Hulu's Coming To The Stage (Season 7)
  • Comedy Central's Comics To Watch Showcase
  • The World Famous Comedy Store
  • Second City's Touring Company
  • Second City's "#DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment"
  • Laugh Factory Chicago 
  • The Comedy Bar Showcases
  • Tuesday Ten at Zanies Comedy Club

Today he writes for Drop The Mic, a celebrity rap battle show premiering Fall '17 on TBS. He performs constantly around Los Angeles with an act his audience has described as, "visceral, witty, and real". And you can also catch him as a founding member of the comedy collective "The MLKs of Comedy"

If you seriously sat there and read all that, you should walk outside and get some fresh air.